Windmill finds new life

A new addition to Schumacher Farm Park is a windmill that was erected last week and donated by the Jim Ableidinger family.

It is a 1926 metal open-gear Monitor windmill that was manufactured by Baker Manufacturing Co. in Evansville, Wisconsin. It is 35’ feet tall and has an 8-foot diameter wheel including the fins at the top. A Baker pump will be installed at ground level.

Jim Ableidinger found the windmill in Adams County a few years ago but it was in need of some tender-loving care. So after a lot of work in procuring needed parts, a new paint job, and finding someone to install it, it was finally erected.

Ivan Block from Wausau (WindmillsbyBlock) with the help of his friend Jim, Tim McConley (Schumacher Farm Maintenance), Jim Ableidinger, and Ray Statz of Qual Line Fence with his 40-foot truck crane, the windmill was set in place.The pump is not attached to a well, but is intended to be a demonstration tool for educational purposes.

The invention of the windmill allowed towns, farms, and ranches to be located in-land from water sources.