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Woodstove Cooking Workshop: next date TBD in Spring 2023. Stay tuned!

You don't want to miss this opportunity to cook on a wood stove! Prepare, cook and sit down to a hearty farm lunch at this hands-on workshop.  We'll be making biscuits from a 1920's Rumsford Baking Powder recipe, root vegetable soup, a tasty dessert, and hot tea while we wait for things to cook on our authentic farm wood stove. Limited to 6 participants. Note: the meal will be vegetarian, but we are unfortunately unable to accomodate special dietary needs.

Instructor: Holin Kennan

$70 per person includes workshop and meal. 


History of our Wood Burning Cook Stove, by Steve Keip and Diane Schwartz

The stove is a model 8-20D  Riverside, blue porcelain, manufactured by Rock Island Stove Company,  Rock Island,  Illinois. It feasure a hot water reservoir on the right and a warming oven on the top. 
Our stove was purchased by the Marcella Schumacher Pendall Trust in the mid 1990s in anticipation of restoring the 1906 farmhouse. The original stove had long been removed as the house was modernized over the years, and there are no surviving pictures of the original stove. The new stove stood in the kitchen until May 1998 when it was installed by Ernest Bingham of the Great American Chimney Co.  He rebuilt the chimney above the roof top and installed copper shielding behind the stove to ensure that the stove met with modern fire codes and building standards.

The stove is a model 8-20D  Riverside, blue porcelain, manufactured by Rock Island Stove Company,  Rock Island,  Illinois. While we do not have an exact date of manufacture, we can be certain that this model was manufactured during the 1920s because that’s when the Rock Island Stove Company began producing porcelain enameled stoves in a variety of colors. These stoves were designed to be functional and decorative.  A 1925 article in the Rock Island  newspaper states:   "In 1920, the company built a complete plant for doing porcelain enameling, and have since finished their cookers and heaters with this beautiful material in blue, brown, gray and white.” The Rock Island Stove Company was started in 1868 and likely went under in 1929 when the market collapsed. There is no newspaper record for the company after 1929.