Schumacher Farm Park

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SUMMER CAMP 2019 - STEAM on the FARM is scheduled for Aug. 6 - 8th.

Check back for more details, coming soon.

2018 Camp - Acres of Discovery & Adventure

During this week long summer camp, kids will try out what life was like on the farm during the 1920s and 1930s to gain insight into the modern world. Ideal for children in 1st to 5th grade. Each day consists of a different theme to explore farming, gardening, and stewardship for the environment with hands-on activities and demonstrations. Creative play and teamwork will be encouraged and each camper will be provided with a journal to express their experiences.

Friends of Schumacher Farm members $255 / week (non-members $270 / week) or members $55 / day (non-members $57 / day). Snack included. Campers will want to bring their own lunch. Camp hours are 9 am - 3 pm every day. Early drop-off at 8:30 is available. On Friday the 29th, campers will host an open barn social for parents, grandparents and guardians, starting at 2 pm.

  • June 25th - Home & Entertainment - Learn the history of Marcella's farm home and daily operations. Campers will tend the chickens, go on a farmyard scavenger hunt, sing songs and put together a radio skit. They will also investigate food science with taste tests and experiments.
  • June 26th - Farm Technology - Explore the basics of farm technology (ex. windmills, steam engines) and how work was done with the use of simple tools. How did farm practices change from hand and animal powered tools to steam powered tools? Hands-on activities and opportunities to innovate simple machine mechanics with creative crafts.
  • June 27th - Conservation Kids - Take a hike in the Schumacher prairie and learn to identify prairie plants and pollinators. Learn about the food web and why it's important to farm life. Participate in an ongoing citizen science project to collect data on insect populations at the farm. Campers will use their new knowledge to craft a prairie quilt patch.
  • June 28th - Green Thumbs - Gain an understanding of the role of the farm garden during this time in history. Campers will explore plant parts and seeds, dig for soil critters and take a walk in the orchard. They will prepare snacks from food harvested in the garden and learn about food preservation techniques, such as pickling.
  • June 29th - Farm Community & Open Barn Social - Explore the importance of community in farm culture and farm economics. Compare shopping lists from the 1930s. How does life today differ from then? Interview our panel of grandparents for specific stories. Campers will spend part of this day preparing for the adults' afternoon visit to share their insights.

*Scholarships: Thanks to generous sponsors, this year the farm park is able to provide a finite number of partial or full camp scholarships, to be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualifying families. 

Contact the farm office for more: or call (608) 849-4559.