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Soap Making

If you’ve been using store-bought soap, your skin is in for a real treat and will thank you for learning this old homesteaders craft! In this class,  you will learn to make soap using a variety of readily available oils and good old lye.  The amount of lye is carefully calculated based on the type of oil being used so you will always create a luxurious (and safe) bar of soap.

This workshop will take about two hours to complete and will require you to return the next day (24 hours later) to cut the soap. Each person will be assigned a specific soap recipe, with each batch creating about 14 bars of soap. When the soaps are ready to cut, each batch will be shared and traded with all other soaps made. Most of your soaps will not be ready to use for three to four weeks after the class when they have been fully cured. Note: each bar has a retail value of $5.00 - $8.00 in the soap-making world! 

Saturday, May 22nd from 1-3 p.m.




Limited space. Class meets in the Center for Rural History.


Cost: $30 general admission; $25.50 for Friends members (A child aged 13-17 years old is welcome, at no cost, to accompany an adult to work on the same soap recipe)