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Professional Photographer Policy 

Who is a professional photographer?  Anyone who takes photographs in exchange for money. 

Who is not?  Most of our guests who want to enjoy this public park with family and friends while taking pictures along the way. Please enjoy.

Schumacher Farm Park has been a prized location of professional photographers for years. The prairie, grounds and old buildings make a perfect backdrop for any photo. We love that professional photographers want to be here and we need your help to keep the park looking great for everyone. 

We ask all professional photographers to become Business Partner Members of the Friends of Schumacher Farm. The Partner Membership rate is $100 a year. Click here for online membership registration. 

Our grounds are open to the public during daylight hours, 7 days a week, except when we have events and workshops. We ask professional photographers to avoid shooting when we have events and school groups, and to be aware that work may be happening on any given day at the farm. If you aren't sure, just call ahead to check the schedule. Most public events are listed on this website. 

Most importantly, we ask that you not move, alter, remove or draw on anything at the park. We have had issues trying to find objects moved from their location to be used as props. Under new management in 2015, we began working with our photographer partners to provide wagons, straw bales, benches, and access to indoor spaces for their shoots. 

Any questions or concerns, please email us at: info@schumacherfarmpark.org. 

Full membership benefits include:
  • Newsletterpublished quarterly.
  • Business published in our online member directory.
  • Member-only section on our website includes member directory.
  • Voting privileges at Annual Meeting.
  • Access to entire property and assistance from park staff when requested in advance.
  • Connection to the Past: Your membership supports our mission of education, preservation and restoration of Dane County‚Äôs rural heritage.

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