Schumacher Farm Park


Marcella's Chicken Project

Like all farmers during the Great Depression, Marcella Schumacher and her family kept chickens at the farm for their eggs and meat. In 2013, Schumacher Farm Park welcomed chickens back to the farm during the warm weather months (April-October). Our chicken program focuses primarily on education. We teach visitors how to care for chickens and the value chickens had for the Schumacher family. Check out our Free Chicken Workshops and our Volunteer Chicken Wrangler program. 

Workshops: Learn about Chickens

Join one of our knowledgeable Chicken Wranglers for a free workshop this summer. You will learn how to care for chickens and hear the history of chickens on the farm. Children are welcome. Enjoy the chickens as they free roam the yard. They won't go too far if you're feeding them! No registration required. Drop-in. Workshops are held the third Monday of each summer month from 4:00-5:00 PM: June 19, July 17 and August 21. 

Volunteer Chicken Wranglers 

Volunteers take care of the chickens and in return they get to harvest and keep the eggs! Positions are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis and are in high demand. Click here for a job description. An application can be found here: Volunteer Application. For more information about volunteering please contact the Park Administrator at 608-849-4559 or at  

Public Hours

The chickens arrive in April and visitors are welcome to visit them during summer daylight hours, 7 days a week. Come in the morning and hear our rooster's beautiful crow. There is a chicken viewing window around back to see inside the coop as the chickens work in their nest boxes in the late morning and early afternoon. Please respect the chickens. Do not feed or disturb them. Thank you.

Chickens in the News

Chickens Return to Schumacher Farm, Waunakee Tribune, May 16, 2014

Backyard Chickens in Waunakee, Waunakee Tribune, March 26, 2015

Kids Activities

Read "The Independent Hen" from "Papa, Mama and Me," Marcella Schumacher Pendalls book about growing up at the farm. Write about how you or someone you know is like the Independent Hen.

Learn the parts of a chicken: Chicken Diagram Complete
Test your chicken knowledge: Chicken Diagram Blank

Social Studies:
Find out where phrases like "pecking order" or "don't be a chicken" comes from." Click here.

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