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The Buildings of Schumacher Farm Park
Henry Schumacher built this house in 1906 for his new bride, Eveline Busby for $5,000.
 It has four bedrooms, a parlor, dining room and a large kitchen. Marcella was the only child to live in this house. She lived here until her death in 1993. Since then, the Friends of Schumacher Farm have restored much of the interior back to what it may have looked like in the 1920s. Many of the items in the house are original to the farm.
In 1908, Henry Schumacher built the barn for $1,200. It has a wood frame and hay loft. Back then, the entire community chipped in to build the structure. A cement floor was laid by Dane County Parks and electricity was run to both levels. Two new sliding barn doors were added to the front (as pictured) and just this season the original front window (as pictured) was re-framed and restored to it's original functionality. 



The granary was used to store the grain that fed the farm animals. The grain was stored on the second floor in bins and farmers used the chutes on the first floor to put grain into buckets to feed the animals.
 This granary has five chutes, one in each of the four “rooms” and one in the entry way. Our granary is not original to Schumacher Farm, but it is from the same time period. Vincent Lacy donated the building in 1999 and it was restored on-site. 

Hog House and Corn Crib

Farmers kept hogs for food and housed them in buildings with small doors to allow animals to come and go. The corn crib (in rear) held dried corn used to feed animals. Geraldine and Rodney Gehrke of Sun Prairie donated these buildings in 2000. Staff moved the the buildings and restored them on-site


Chicken Coop

Volunteers restored the chicken coop in 2012. The building was moved here in 2010 and had previously served as a storage shed on another Dane County Parks property. It's first functional summer it housed ten hens of various breeds. The next summer we had more hens and a rooster. And now, in our third season with live chickens, we have ten hens, one rooster and finally...four baby chicks!



The outhouse is a two-holer and stands where the original stood. It came from the Ferdinand Pape house in Springfield Corners and was installed in 2004.

Center for Rural History: Visitor and Education Center
This building will serve as the visitor center when completed. It will house handicap accessible bathrooms, drinking fountains, office and meeting spaces. It is currently not open to the public. 

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