Bringing Old Tools Back to Work

This class will be an active, hands-on workshop refurbishing tools from rusted to ready to use.  Rust removal, re-grinding, sharpening, rehelving, what to look for in purchasing antique tools and what supplies are necessary to upkeep and refurbish tools at home will be covered.  This workshop will focus on the needs and interests of the class attendees, so bring your tools to work on!  This course will not cover fine reconditioning for valuable antiques, this is about making user tools useful again. Participants should indicate what types of tools they plan to bring to help us have the right materials on hand. Additional tools will be available for practice.

Date/time: Saturday, April 9th (9 am - 2 pm)
Cost: $20/person, discount for Friends' members
*Minimum age for participants is 15 years old. Registrants should wear long sleeves and work gloves, safety glasses and bring lunch for our mid-day break.

REGISTRATION open  Limited to 15 people.

Instructor: Todd Fleming is a remodeler and woodworker who has been studying traditional woodworking for 15 years.  He focuses on chisels, saws, planes and tools for working wood.  He has reconditioned or made many of his own tools and has a wide understanding of sharpening and grinding techniques as well as knifemaking and tempering.  He is the artist behind #foxwedgewoodworking.