Schumacher Farm Park

Where Dane County's Rural Heritage Comes Alive.


Schumacher Farm Park is operated through a partnership with the Friends of Schumacher Farm Inc., the Marcella Schumacher Pendall Trust and Dane County Parks. This triad collaborates together to accomplish the Friends' mission and goals.

Friends' Board of Directors

The Friends are managed by a five-member board elected for up to three-year terms at the Friends' annual meeting in March. Current board members are:

Mark Pelton, President and Advisory Board Liaison
Dale Otradovec, Vice President
Dennis Petzke, Treasurer
Gary Herzberg, Secretary
Susan Manske, Board Member

Marcella Schumacher Pendall Trust

The Marcella Schumacher Pendall Trust is overseen by eight trustees and provides financing for specific farm development activities that directly support the Friends' mission.

Dane County Parks

Dane County Parks owns the property and provides standard maintenance for the park grounds and some of the buildings, as well as support for land stewardship and ecological restoration activities, such as prescribed burning.